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Why is Accuracy so Important?

Accuracy refers to the distance of a measurement to a standard or known value. The closer the measurement is to the known value, the more accurate it is. For example, if a micrometer is used to measure a 15 mm standard gauge block, and it produces a 15 mm reading, it is considered accurate. As a result, the measurements produced by that micrometer are considered reliable and true. In simpler terms, if a measurement is accurate, or has a very high degree of accuracy, it is correct.

So why is accuracy so important? What are accurate measurements used for anyway? Accuracy is imperative to human survival and success. Accurate measurements help humans to understand the world around us. Because of that understanding, we are able to make decisions regarding everything from fair trade to safety. We rely more heavily on accurate measurements than many of us realize. All too often, we take for granted the role that accuracy plays in our daily lives, so let’s review how accurate measurements affect us each day. 

Mechanical micrometer calibration with gage block in progress

How Does Accuracy Affect Us in Everyday Life?

Bagged produce is weighed on a scale

Ensure Fairness in Trade

Consumers purchase goods based on weight, length, and other measurements every day. Our governments mandate that scales and other measurement equipment used in “legal-for-trade” applications are producing accurate measurements. These regulations help ensure that consumers are getting the accurate amount of goods for their money, and that sellers are not unintentionally giving away “extra” product due to inaccurate measurement equipment.

Torque wrench accuracy helps ensure safety

Decreases Safety Risks

Accuracy help ensure that we can perform daily tasks safely. For example, torque wrenches are used to ensure that components are attached to vehicles with the appropriate amount of force so that these parts do not separate from the vehicle during normal use. The accuracy of the measurements produced by a torque wrench used when assembling or servicing a vehicle are imperative to ensure its safe operation.

Accuracy helps ensure quality in manufacturing

Ensures Quality in Manufacturing

Consumer goods can be greatly impacted by accurate or inaccurate measurements during the manufacturing process. By utilizing accurate measurement equipment during this process, manufacturers establish uniformity in their products, which helps ensure that each product functions as expected for the end user.

Accuracy allows surgeons to make incisions in the proper place

Enables Better Decision Making

Decision making is also impacted by accuracy. Not only does reliable, accurate measurement equipment help us determine how many apples to buy in the supermarket, but it could help save our lives. For example, a surgeon might need a measurement instrument to determine where to make his incision. The accuracy of that measurement instrument could determine the difference between life and death in a surgical setting.

Calibration digital vernier with gage block caliper metrology industry

Accuracy Protects Us from Fraud, Danger and More

Accurate measurements help us in so many aspects of our lives. From giving us peace of mind when purchasing goods to establishing appropriate quality control guidelines for products we use daily, true and correct measurements help protect us from danger, fraud and more. Any time goods are purchased by the pound, there should be a seal on the scale used to determine price that indicates its most recent service date, as well as its next scheduled service date. Check that seal to make sure the scale is producing accurate results. This is a great way to ensure you aren’t overpaying due to potentially inaccurate measurement equipment. Another time to consider accuracy is when having a vehicle serviced. It’s perfectly logical to ask the mechanic when the last time their torque wrenches, pressure gauges, and other measurement equipment was calibrated.  After all, your safety depends on the accuracy of this measurement equipment. Don’t take accuracy for granted, use it to ensure you are protecting yourself as much as possible in everyday life.

Let the Michelli team help you ensure accuracy

The Accuracy Experts at Michelli Weighing & Measurement can help you source quality, dependable weighing & measurement equipment. We can also help you maintain that equipment to ensure both accuracy and precision.


Through standard calibration, ISO 17025 accredited calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair, our team can help you confirm that your equipment is producing accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements.