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TRAC Asset Management System

Simplify your asset management with TRAC


The Michelli Weighing & Measurement TRAC asset management system helps you keep asset records organized & equipment service on schedule. Track Records, Assets & Calibration in this easy to use web-based platform, which we offer as a complimentary service for Michelli Weighing & Measurement customers.

Whether it’s submitting a service request or accessing your calibration certificates quickly during an audit, TRAC is your comprehensive asset management solution.

Let us help you get on TRAC today.

Asset management has never been easier

TRAC Asset Management System - Screenshot of Asset List Screen

Consolidate Asset Records

Store your equipment list, complete with service records, calibration certifications & maintenance information, all in one place.

Screenshot from TRAC Asset Management system of an asset's calibration history

Maintain Traceability

Establish a historical record of calibrations, and set a calibration schedule for each asset to receive automatic reminders.

Screenshot of Maintenance Plan info in TRAC Asset Management system

Plan Maintenance

Set preventative maintenance service schedules, then receive notifications to remind you when service is due.

Screenshot of creating a service request in the TRAC system

Schedule Service Visits

Submit a service request with just a few clicks. Request immediate service or choose your desired completion date.

Leave your asset management to us, so you can focus on operations.

Login on a computer, tablet or phone to manage asset service or calibration records anytime.

TRAC Asset Management System Screenshots
Comprehensive asset management includes access to calibration certificates online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Standard NIST Traceable Certificate 45435-002792 #1-1

Log in to manage assets & view records

  • Your entire asset inventory
  • Past & upcoming calibration dates
  • Calibration certificates
  • Past & upcoming preventative maintenance service dates
  • Completed service order reports

Request service with just a few clicks

1. Select the equipment to be serviced from your asset list
2. Choose a service date or request immediate service
3. Verify your nearest Michelli Weighing & Measurement location
4. Submit your request

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