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Michelli Weighing & Measurement understands the importance of a safe workplace

Michelli employees undergo regularly scheduled safety training.


Michelli Weighing & Measurement takes safety seriously. One mistake caused by unsafe practices could result in disastrous results & serious injuries. All Michelli employees undergo regularly scheduled safety training to ensure that we maintain a safe work space.

The Michelli service team works hard to ensure that proper precautions are taken at all times, both in the Michelli branches, and on-site at customer locations. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in OSHA safety practices & the Michelli Weighing & Measurement team belongs to a number of reciprocal safety councils.


Michelli Weighing & Measurement companies are members of PICS/Avetta, BROWZ, PECS, ISNetwrold, DISA, SMI Safety, GCSC, HASC, and many more.

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