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Waste & Recycling

Quality equipment to ensure accuracy & save you money

weighing systems

Weighing & measurement equipment is highlighted in green in the photo above.

Scales That Fit Your Need & Your Budget

From rugged heavy capacity truck scales to durable medium capacity floor scales, Michelli Weighing & Measurement is the equipment distributor & service provider you can trust.

Finding the right scale for your business depends on many factors, including environment, budget & frequency of use.  Michelli product specialists take the time to understand your organization, so they can provide you with the best equipment options for your application, and your budget.

Waste & recycling facilities are generally harsh environments. You need a rugged scale that can stand the wear & tear of daily operations. Our experts help take the guesswork out of selecting the right scale for your operation.

weighing systems

Weighing & measurement equipment is highlighted in green in the photo above.

Make every dollar count

Ensure accuracy with dependable equipment

Decrease Downtime

Keep operations moving

Quality weighing & measurement equipment is built to last. With regular preventative maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your equipment & reduce down time. Keep operations moving & money flowing with dependable equipment that will stand the test of time.

Increase Efficiency

Get more out of your workflow

Adding weighing systems like automated fill programs or in-motion weighing can reduce the amount of time it takes to process material. By incorporating quality equipment into your existing processes, you can increase output without interrupting operations.

weighing systems

When your business relies on cost per pound, every ounce affects your bottom line. Trust the experts to make sure your equipment is measuring accurately.

Dependable Support for Your Operations

The Michelli service team provides reliable support for your equipment, including scale installation, calibration, repair & maintenance.

When you’re purchasing & selling materials on a “price per pound” basis, your scale is your cash register. If your scales aren’t calibrated properly, you could be losing a few cents on every dollar. Don’t risk throwing money out of the window, trust the calibration technicians at Michelli to help ensure the accuracy of your scales.

Can’t afford downtime?

Scheduled preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that your equipment stays in good working order. We offer a wide range of scale service options, available on a case by case basis, or as part of a maintenance agreement.

Many of our service agreements even include 24/7 Call-Out services, for situations where downtime isn’t an option.

Our team of experts can recommend preventative maintenance schedules based on your environment & work load, and offer tips on equipment care.

How can accurate weighing & measurement equipment help the waste & recycling industry?

Minimize Down Time

Maximize productivity with reliable equipment



Maximize Revenue

Ensure accuracy of incoming & outgoing material


Increase Efficiency

Package processed material faster with automation

Reduce Safety Risks

Protect employees & customers with unattended kiosks


Prevent loss

Utilize weighing systems to track material on hand daily


Improve workflow

Streamline operations with in-motion weighing


Available on all makes & models


Light, Medium & Heavy Capacity available

  • Truck Scales
  • Floor Scales
  • Forklift Scales
  • Rail Scales

Weighing Systems

Added functionality & productivity

  • Set Point Systems
  • In-Motion Systems
  • Cash Register Integration
  • Bulk Packaging
  • Data Tracking
weighing systems

Michelli Offers Custom Programming for the Waste & Recycling Industry

Turn your scale into a multi-tasker and increase productivity.

Some examples of programs we have created for the waste & recycling industry include:
  • Set point programs for custom fill operations
  • Bulk packaging programs with line control
  • Data integration programs for financial purposes

Let’s discuss your application & ways weighing & measurement could help to simplify your process.

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