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The Michelli Weighing & Measurement blog is full of helpful information from our experts & the manufacturers we represent.

What Can Truck Scale Software Do For You?  

Truck scale software can help you keep track of inbound and outbound weights. But did you know these programs can also help you streamline operations and keep records without any additional manual labor? Learn more in this post.

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Why Choose the Sartorius Entris II Balance

The Sartorius Entris® II Essential and Advanced balance lines contain over 80 models, covering a weighing range from 60 grams to 12 kilograms and readability from 0.1 milligrams to 1 gram. Learn more about what makes the Entris® II unique in this post from Sartorius.

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Can Lightning Damage a Truck Scale?

If lightning strikes a truck scale, a few problems can occur. While we can’t control nature, and no fix is 100% guaranteed, there are some precautions scale owners should take that help to greatly reduce the risk of lightning damage to a truck scale.

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Dockmate Bulk Weigher System

Let’s examine the Dockmate, a legal-for-trade automatic bulk weigher system designed to be used in bulk seafood unloading, batching, packaging & tracking operations. Learn how it helps users increase efficiency in this post.

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Dillon Quick Check-T Tension Meter

The Dillon Quick Check-T is ideal for situations where guy wire tension must be measured quickly and accurately. The tension meter can be placed on a cable, take a measurement, and be removed in under five seconds, with no complex lookup tables or conversion charts. Learn more in this post.

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Protect Scales from Rain this Spring with these Tips

Scales that are typically used outdoors are designed to weather the elements, but there are still certain measures operators need to take to ensure their equipment is protected. Use these simple preventative measures to protect scales from rain this season.

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How to Calibrate a Scale

When performing scale calibration, technicians test the scale using the applied weight required based on the scale’s maximum capacity. To calibrate a scale, the technician utilizes certified test weights to apply the recommended applied load amount to the scale, then ensures that the scale indicator displays the correct amount of weight. The key to proper scale calibration is having the correct tools for the job.

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