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Serial or Ethernet | Which Interface is Right for You?

From the beginning the most common interface for this machine to machine communication was a protocol called RS232. This was a method of transmitting a stream of characters & came to be called “serial” because both the bits that made up each character and the characters themselves were transmitted one after the other. But starting in the 2000’s, and particularly since 2010, many scales have come with another more powerful and modern interface, Ethernet.

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Inaccurate Scales: The Real Cost

Inaccurate scales could cost a company thousands each year. Business owners can easily prevent inaccuracies by investing in quality equipment, performing routine preventative maintenance & ensuring proper use of the scale. Learn more in this post.

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Wheel Loader Scales from Pfreundt

Wheel weigher scales help users increase efficiency. By monitoring the weight of materials as they are being loaded, time isn’t wasted by transporters being over or underweight.

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Planning for Weighing System Failure

Plans for implementing a weighing system should also include specifications for how the system should fail. In the event of a power outage or other interruption, having planned for how the weighing system should fail could mean the difference between a dangerous situation and simple unplanned downtime.

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What Can Truck Scale Software Do For You?  

Truck scale software can help you keep track of inbound and outbound weights. But did you know these programs can also help you streamline operations and keep records without any additional manual labor? Learn more in this post.

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Why Choose the Sartorius Entris II Balance

The Sartorius Entris® II Essential and Advanced balance lines contain over 80 models, covering a weighing range from 60 grams to 12 kilograms and readability from 0.1 milligrams to 1 gram. Learn more about what makes the Entris® II unique in this post from Sartorius.

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