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Food production requires traceability and systems that are fully FDA compliant to ensure product quality. Any software integrated into your process should simplify your ERP practices, streamline production and provide real-time reports to monitor and optimize processes.

A woman utilizes the Rice Lake Myrias Production Management Software to measure flour on a scale

What can Production Management Software do?

Integrating production management software allows you to capture weight data throughout production so you can ensure optimal ingredient use, access complete process reports and identify areas that could use an efficiency boost. Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ Myrias is an integrated software solution that provides process control, data monitoring and product traceability.

Myrias is a unique production management software because it can be used with any brand of scale indicator and integrates with existing ERP and MRP systems, making it easy to begin using Myrias. The option to install Myrias on a Windows® PC or run it from a central server with network-connected workstations gives you more control over your process.

Production Reporting

Access to thorough reports is essential because it creates traceability for all products but it also allows you to review processes and find points in production that can be optimized. Operators can ensure consistent quality, minimal waste, better cost control and detailed records of every process, ultimately saving time and money.

Myrias’ reporting is designed to provide accessible and customizable reports for process data. All reports are time and date stamped, and you can view data based on shifts, days or custom time periods. Track time- or event-based trends to help identify process areas that could be optimized. Data can be viewed in color histograms, trend graphs, charts or user-configurable tables. As an FDA compliant software, Myrias can help operations maintain compliance with FDA regulations. Myrias automatically records the lot, batch, plant and operator information to provide product traceability.

Production Control

Production management software can help simplify ingredient management in recipe batching. Essential ingredient management tasks can be automatically adjusting ratios to optimize the use of high-cost materials or when batching non-standard sizes.

When used for recipe batching, Myrias will automatically recalculate ratios for recipes containing high-cost ingredients if too much or too little is added, ensuring optimal use of ingredients and maintaining product quality. When batching nonstandard sizes, Myrias automatically adjusts ingredient ratios to reduce the chance of recipe errors.

Myrias also gives you the power to customize operator process action access at individual workstations to provide operators with complete manual control or to initiate an automatic batching process. Operators can also schedule the order and number of recipe batches with free process flow or through work orders.

Modular Production Software

Rice Lake’s Myrias is a modular software solution that allows every facility to customize their production management system. Facility managers can utilize modules including batching formulation, checkweighing, offline sampling and more to create the ideal system for their operations.


Myrias Production Management Software from Rice Lake

Myrias Application Modules

  • Recipe Batch Formulation
  • Floor Pallet Weighing
  • Forklift
  • Offline Sampling
  • In-motion Checkweighing
  • Static Checkweighing
  • Waste/Scrap

Additional Application Modules

  • Bag Weighing Recording
  • Goods In
  • Manual Weigh Price Label
  • Stock Control
  • Outer Case Marker
  • Production Planning
  • Order Processing
  • Quality Assurance
  • And more!

Enhancement Modules

To increase the functionality of the application modules and customize systems, several enhancement modules are available. Some enhancement modules, such as traceability, are a standard feature of application modules and won’t need to be added as an option. Enhancement modules include traceability, ready-meal checkweighing, batch yield systems and more.

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