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Mass Calibration Service

Michelli Weighing & Measurement performs both standard mass calibration, and ISO 17025 accredited mass calibration. Test weight calibration is extremely important. A lab might use test weights to maintain quality control by testing a lab balance or other precision measurement device to ensure it’s producing accurate measurements. If the test weight being used to perform the check is out of tolerance, all tests conducted are invalid.

What is mass measurement?

Mass is the measurement of the amount of space taken up by an object. “Mass calibration” refers to the calibration of test weights, which are used to calibrate measurement equipment such as lab balances & scales.

Michelli Weighing & Measurement test weights

What does mass calibration entail?

During mass calibration, the Michelli Weighing & Measurement technicians compare your test weight to a traceable test weight. The purpose is to ensure that the measurement of mass produced by your test weight matches the measurement produced by the traceable test weight. If your test weight’s measurement does not match the NIST traceable test weight, your weight should be adjusted. Once the 2 measurements match, the calibration is complete.

Michelli Weighing & Measurement offers mass calibration of the following measurement devices:

Avoirdupois Weight, NIST Class F
Avoirdupois Weight, ASTM Class 6
Avoirdupois Weight, ASTM Class 5
Avoirdupois Weight, ASTM Class 4
Avoirdupois Weight, ASTM Class 3
Avoirdupois Weight, ASTM Class 2
Avoirdupois Weight, ASTM Class 1
Avoirdupois Weight, ASTM Class 0
Metric Weight, NIST Class F
Metric Weight, ASTM Class 6
Metric Weight, ASTM Class 5
Metric Weight, ASTM Class 4
Metric Weight, ASTM Class 3
Metric Weight, ASTM Class 2
Metric Weight, ASTM Class 1
Metric Weight, ASTM Class 0
Class F test weights up to 50 lbs, or 30 kg
Class F analytical mass, 1 milligram to 1 kilogram

While standard calibration is available on-site or in our laboratories, ISO/IEC 17025 calibration is only available in one of our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

Interested in shipping your equipment in for calibration?

Please download our easy-fill equipment list here, print and ship it with your equipment to your nearest location. (Addresses available here.)

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