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Michelli History

The history of Michelli is a story of humble beginnings. What began as a Mom & Pop operation in 1947 has grown into 3 companies, all part of the Michelli Weighing & Measurement family. With the strong desire to continue learning, and a passion to be the best, Michelli has grown from a company made up of a hardworking man & his sons, to a leader in the industry throughout the Southeast & Western United States.

Dedication to reinvest in training & technology has allowed our team to excel, while a passion for customer satisfaction has kept them motivated to always strive for better.

If Michelli history has taught us anything, we’re not just scale distributors or calibration technicians. We’re a team of dedicated product specialists who make it our business to know yours.

Our mission is to show the world what measurement can do. We’re here to help you discover ways to use weighing & measurement to redefine your processes. We can provide the scales & measurement equipment. We can maintain, calibrate & repair that equipment, but did you know we can use it to help you learn more about your business? Our system development division exists to help our customers find ways to minimize waste & maximize efficiency.

View our timeline below for a detailed account of Michelli history.


By-Pel Equipment is founded


G.T. Michelli Sr. opens his first company

G.T. Michelli Sr. opened his first company in a 600 square foot store located at 4037 Palmyra Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. He was an independent dealer for the Exact Weight scale company, and he added material handling & food processing equipment to gain a larger customer base.

The name reflected his Louisiana roots. “By” came from the word Bayou, while “Pel” came from the word Pelican. 


The G.T. Michelli Company is founded

G.T. Michelli Sr. focuses on scales

G.T. Michelli Sr. and his wife Amy were the only employees. He handled sales & service, while Mrs. Michelli kept the books. The scale business had gradually overtaken the cash register & material handling side of the organization.


G.T. Michelli Jr. joins his father

G.T. Michelli Jr. poses with his father's service truck

G.T. Michelli, Jr. begins working with his father

G.T. Michelli, Jr. began working with his father while he was still in high school. He would later take over the company, after serving in the United States Army & attending Tulane University.


526 Metairie Road location opens

Michelli History - Second store front on Metairie Road in Louisiana

The G.T. Michelli Company moves to a new location

The G.T. Michelli Company moved to a new storefront at 526 Metairie Road. The new space was 2,000 square feet bigger than their old location, coming in at 2,600 square feet. After much convincing, G.T. Jr. convinced his father to purchase a $300 “Michelli” fluorescent sign to hang outside, which was a huge expense for a small business at the time.


G.T. Michelli Company is Incorporated in Louisiana

Michelli History - Photo of Ron Michelli, G.T. Michelli, and G.T. Michelli Jr. at the International workboat trade show

Ron Michelli, G.T. Michelli, Sr. & G.T. Michelli, Jr. at the Workboat Show

Both of G.T. Michelli, Sr.’s sons came to work with him. This picture is from the Workboat Show, a trade show in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the maritime industry. 


3922 Barron Street location opens

Michelli Historical Barron Street location

G.T. Michelli Co., Inc. moves to a third, larger location

The G.T. Michelli Co. moved to a 40,000 square foot, multi-unit warehouse that G.T., Sr. and G.T., Jr. built, where they occupied 7,000 square feet. (4,400 square feet more than their prior location.) Soon, they would quickly grow to occupy 9,000 square feet.


Heavy duty scale calibration

Michelli History - Michelli team members calibrate a truck scale using equipment they carried in a rented truck

Startup and final calibration of a truck scale

Before the company owned a heavy duty test truck used to calibrate truck scales & other heavy capacity equipment, they had to rent a local lift-gate truck to perform heavy capacity calibrations. They attached a Michelli sign over the rental company name on the truck. At the time, there were no CDL requirements for drivers, and a 2 wheel weight cart was used to manually move the weights around the scale.


GTM opens Mobile, AL location


GTM opens Jackson, MS location


G.T. Michelli Company expands

The G.T. Michelli Company acquires 3 new offices

The company acquires 3 offices from Toledo Scale Co. Those offices are located in Shreveport, LA, Monroe, LA, and Texarkana, TX.


G.T. Michelli Company opens Baton Rouge, LA location


Current corporate location opens

Michelli Weighing & Measurement Office in Harahan, Louisiana

The G.T. Michelli Co., Inc. moves into its current corporate headquarters

G.T. Michelli Co., Inc. moved into its corporate headquarters, 130 Brookhollow Esplanade, Harahan, Louisiana. The building is 20,000 square feet. It includes an office, an ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab, a storage area, and a warehouse.


G.T. Michelli Co., Inc. is ISO Certified

Perry Johnson Registrars Logo

Received original ISO certification (ISO 9002:1994)

G.T. Michelli Co., Inc. underwent rigorous auditing to ensure that they meet each of the 7 quality management principles. These principles include a strong focus on continual improvement through  leadership, planning, support, operation & performance evaluation.


GTM opens Sulphur, LA location


Michelli expands into Houston, TX

Aabbott-Michelli Technologies Team


Final Destination 4 is filmed at G.T. Michelli Co., Inc.

Michelli History - Final Destination turned Harahan office into an auto body shop

The corporate office is used as a movie set

The G.T. Michelli Co., Inc. corporate headquarters in Harahan, Louisiana was used as a filming site for a scene in the movie Final Destination 4, distributed by Warner Brothers Pictures. The building was transformed into “Grandstate Customs”, a body shop featured in the film.


GTM opens Olive Branch, MS location

Olive Branch Calibration Lab


GTM opens Alexander, AR location


GTM opens Springdale, AR location

Springdale Calibration Lab


GTM opens Alabaster, AL location


New ownership team is formed

G.T. Michelli Co., Inc. has a new ownership team

Joel McMullen (President), David Barnett (Vice President), & Bobby McDill (Corporate Secretary) become the new ownership team of G.T. Michelli Co., Inc.


ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

ILAC MRA-A2LA Accredited

Received original ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accreditation

G.T. Michelli Co., Inc. receives its ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation through the A2LA and can now perform accredited calibration services.


Further expansion into the Western U.S. 

Michelli Measurement Group, Inc. is formed

Michelli Measurement Group, Inc. is formed and 8 new locations are acquired in the Western U.S.


GTM opens Scott, LA location


Ownership Team Expanded

Michelli Weighing & Measurement Ownership Team

Southern Scales & Controls joins G.T. Michelli Co., Inc.

Southern Scales & Controls, as well as its owners Bobby Feigler & Anthony Michelli joined the G.T. Michelli Co., Inc. team at its corporate headquarters in Harahan, Louisiana.

Pictured left to right: Joel McMullen, Bobby Feigler, Bobby McDill, David Barnett, Anthony Michelli & Ron Michelli


GTM opens Greenwood, MS location


GTM, MMG & AMT rebrand as Michelli Weighing & Measurement


MMG opens Bakersfield, CA location

Michelli Weighing & Measurement Bakersfield, California calibration lab


MMG opens Reno, NV location


GTM opens Nashville, TN location

Michelli Weighing & Measurement Nashville Calibration Office


GTM opens Columbia, MS location


MMG acquires Bay City Scale in Hayward, CA

Michelli Weighing & Measurement Hayward Calibration Lab in Hayward, CA


Michelli Weighing & Measurement celebrates 75 Years Strong

Michelli Weighing & Measurement 75 Years Strong Logo


AMT opens Waco, TX service area


MMG acquires the heavy capacity business of Balance Industrial Scales in Los Alamitos, CA


MMG acquires Brylen Technologies in Santa Barbara, CA

We show the world what measurement can do.