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Learn about calibrations, metrology & standards

How to Use a Scale to Automate Filling Operations

Weighing & measurement equipment can be used to facilitate automation. Watch as Michelli Weighing & Measurement uses a floor scale, control panel, weight indicator & custom programming to automate supersack filling operations.

Interested in increasing efficiency in your operations? The Michelli team can help with everything from concept to installation. Contact us today to learn what measurement can do for your organization.


Mercury Thermometer Repair 

Have you ever seen a gap in the column of your mercury thermometer? It can be corrected. Watch as we repair a column gap during a mercury thermometer calibration. Do you have a thermometer that requires calibration or repair?

Request a quote now, or contact your nearest Michelli Weighing & Measurement location for a full list of equipment we can service. (ISO 17025 calibration available)


Force Measurement – Proof Testing of J&M Snow Tarpaulin

Watch the Michelli Weighing & Measurement team perform tarpaulin proof tests with sand & a Dillon dynamometer at 8K lbs, 13K lbs & 23K lbs capacities!


The Michelli Mission, Vision & Values

Our executive team tells you more about Michelli Weighing & Measurement. Learn who we are, what we do, what is most important to us, and where Michelli is headed.


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