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We show the world what measurement can do.

Michelli Weighing & Measurement sells & services scales & measurement equipment. Whether you’re interested in a purchase, rental, calibration, repair or weighing system development, we can help.

We also offer custom programming services that use measurement to perform automation, data collection & more.

The Michelli Weighing & Measurement team covers 29 service areas in 11 states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada & Arizona.

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You can ship your equipment to us for calibration or service.

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Keep your asset maintenance on TRAC with our new system

Michelli Weighing & Measurement offers TRAC asset management system to all of our customers. TRAC provides 24/7 access to calibration certificates & service records. Customers can view the service history of each scale or asset with just a few clicks.

Plus, request service online, create maintenance schedules and set reminders for each of your scales or measurement equipment assets.


Get your asset management on TRAC today.

Weighing & Measurement Equipment

When purchasing a new scale, balance, dynamometer, or other type of measurement equipment, you need a dependable team of specialists to help you determine which product is right for you. Michelli has been the name you can trust, and your partner in weighing & measurement since 1947. 

As a distributor for the world’s top manufacturers in the weighing & measurement industry, Michelli Weighing & Measurement team members are familiar with the subtle differences in equipment. We can help match your need and budget with the right scale or other type of measurement equipment for your application. The best part is that we can provide you with several options, available from the highest quality scale & equipment providers in the world.

We specialize in weight, mass, force, torque, pressure, temperature, dimensional & electronic measurement equipment & service.

Scale Service, Equipment Maintenance & Calibrations

 Michelli Weighing & Measurement is more than just your scale & equipment provider. Our experienced service team can help extend the life of your equipment with regularly scheduled maintenance & proper care tips. We also offer calibrations & repairs on a wide range of measurement equipment.

As an ISO 9001 registered company, with ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, Michelli can provide the certifications you need to ensure safety & meet specification.Our team is made up of 3 companies throughout the Southern and Western United States. Our coverage area is broad. The Michelli team is always here when you need us, with the manpower & expertise to get you back to work faster.


We service all scales & measurement equipment, even if you purchased elsewhere. 

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ISO 9001 Registered Company | ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory

Things to Consider Before Buying a Scale Online

It’s always best to work with a professional to determine the best type of equipment for your application. Not to mention, online shoppers sometimes base their decisions more on price than on quality, which could actually lead to a much higher price tag than anticipated after set up costs, replacement parts, or repairs. Let’s examine the risks of buying a scale online & other factors to consider before clicking “Add to Cart”.

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Minimize Unplanned Downtime With This Equipment Maintenance Checklist

When it comes to weighing & measurement equipment, it’s the little issues that can “snowball” into big problems over time. Our experts are here to help you get the most out of your investment by teaching you how to properly care for your equipment. Use this maintenance checklist to regularly inspect your weighing & measurement devices & minimize unplanned downtime.

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