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Michelli Weighing & Measurement sells & services scales & measurement equipment. Whether you’re interested in a purchase, rental, calibration, repair or weighing system development, we can help.

We also offer custom programming services that use measurement to perform automation, data collection & more.

The Michelli Weighing & Measurement team covers 29 service areas in 11 states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada & Arizona.

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Weighing & Measurement Equipment

When purchasing a new scale, balance, dynamometer, or other type of measurement equipment, you need a dependable team of specialists to help you determine which product is right for you. Michelli has been the name you can trust, and your partner in weighing & measurement since 1947. 

As a distributor for the world’s top manufacturers in the weighing & measurement industry, Michelli Weighing & Measurement team members are familiar with the subtle differences in equipment. We can help match your need and budget with the right scale or other type of measurement equipment for your application. The best part is that we can provide you with several options, available from the highest quality scale & equipment providers in the world.

We specialize in weight, mass, force, torque, pressure, temperature, dimensional & electronic measurement equipment & service.

Scale Service, Equipment Maintenance & Calibrations

 Michelli Weighing & Measurement is more than just your scale & equipment provider. Our experienced service team can help extend the life of your equipment with regularly scheduled maintenance & proper care tips. We also offer calibrations & repairs on a wide range of measurement equipment.

As an ISO 9001 registered company, with ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, Michelli can provide the certifications you need to ensure safety & meet specification.Our team is made up of 3 companies throughout the Southern and Western United States. Our coverage area is broad. The Michelli team is always here when you need us, with the manpower & expertise to get you back to work faster.


We service all scales & measurement equipment, even if you purchased elsewhere. 

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ISO 9001 Registered Company | ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory

B-TEK Scales | Boost Your Scale’s Availability

The following post was provided by B-TEK Scales, our featured manufacturer this month. From load cells to truck scales, B-TEK has you covered. B-TEK's multi-generational, highly trained staff of sales professionals, distributors and manufacturing professionals are...

Protect Your Weighing & Measurement Equipment from Winter Weather to Reduce Downtime

Reduce Downtime by Protecting Equipment from Winter Weather Prepare your scales for the Winter weather now to reduce downtime this season. Weighing & measurement equipment is susceptible to damage from rust or electronic issues caused by moisture. There’s also the...

Reduce Risk of Weighing & Measurement Equipment Damage

High quality weighing & measurement equipment can help you work more efficiently, but worksites can be dangerous. You take precautions to protect your team, so why not take action to protect your weighing & measurement equipment as well? In this post, our experts offer tips to help you reduce risk of damage to your equipment, to help you get the most out of your investment.

Crosby Straightpoint | Sarens Uses Crosby | SP Load Cell to Weigh Christmas Trees

During heavy lifting, it’s crucial to know the load. Crosby Straightpoint load cells give users the power to accurately monitor the weight of the load as it’s lifted. Pairing these load cells with a handheld Radiolink plus remote indicator allows users to maintain a safe distance, while maintaining the ability to read the weight. Learn why Sarens (a provider of crane rental services, heavy lifting & engineered transport) trusts Crosby Straightpoint load cells & Radiolink plus remote indicators to help during big jobs.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Scale

Everything from environment to technological considerations can impact which scale is right for a given application, so it’s important to fully understand how the scale will be used, and where. Our Michelli Weighing & Measurement Account Managers can help. Our product specialists are trained to match you with the best scale for your application. ​Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing a new scale…

Minebea Intec | Hygienic Scale Design

Hygienic scale design involves considerations for future use, including how the scale will be cleaned, what material the scale should be made of to withstand cleaning, and even angles of the final product. Minebea Intec outlines the process used by their design team to produce plans used to manufacture hygienic scales for use in the food & beverage industry, chemical & petrochemical industry, and many more.

Rice Lake | Remotely Access and Monitor Your Scale Systems with Web Servers

With remotely accessible scale systems, the operator can control functions at multiple weighing workstations and managers have oversight of total weighing activities throughout the facility. Additionally, your local scale technicians are able to perform remote calibrations and can troubleshoot scales, simplifying routine scale maintenance and emergency repair processes. Learn more in this post from Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

Intrinsically safe, explosion proof & IP ratings…. What does it all mean?

Intrinsically safe, IP ratings, or explosion proof…. These ratings and classifications exist for good reason, to help decrease risk & ensure safe working environments. Learn more about each to make sure you purchase the equipment that was designed to withstand your environment, so you can decrease risk, and get a better return on investment.

Intercomp | Weigh-In-Motion & Portable Scales to Help Increase Productivity

The following post was provided by Intercomp, our featured manufacturer of the month. For over 40 years, Intercomp has provided superior-quality portable and in-ground weighing systems, along with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, for a wide range of...

How to Use Scales to Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by adding scales to your operation. Incorporating weighing & measurement equipment is one of the easiest ways to increase productivity. From adding a forklift scale in a warehouse application, to using scales to automate quality control operations, scales can help users save time & money, while reducing errors.

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