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About Michelli

The name you can trust to ensure accuracy

We’ve grown quite a bit since 1947, but we’re still a family business. Our commitment to quality will never change.


About Michelli Weighing & Measurement

Since 1947, Michelli companies have distributed & serviced weighing & measurement equipment.

Michelli Weighing & Measurement provides services & equipment related to scales & measurement. Our team includes weighing and measurement experts in 29 service areas, located in 11 states throughout the Southern & Western United States.

Our mission is to show the world what measurement can do, by providing innovative & efficient ways to perform job functions, through the use of weighing & measurement technology.

Available services include preventative maintenance, tool & scale calibration, equipment repair & scale repair services. We service all makes & models of measurement equipment. 

Michelli companies represent a wide range of top quality manufacturers. Our products include weighing & measurement equipment ranging from heavy capacity scales to high precision instruments.

The Michelli Weighing & Measurement team includes experienced product specialists & highly skilled service technicians. Our product specialists are here to help match you with the right equipment. Their job is to get to know your business better, and truly understand your application. After they have gotten a better grasp on your company, they make recommendations on your needs, budget & environment. Our service technicians provide support, repairs & advice to help customers keep their scales & measurement equipment operating efficiently. Michelli is the name you can trust in weighing & measurement.

Michelli also offers weighing system development, which helps customers turn their scales into multitasking devices. Our experts can develop custom software that uses your scale to collect data, automate processes, or institute better quality controls.

We are ISO 9001 Registered & ISO 17025 Accredited. Because we believe in delivering service excellence in all aspects of our business, the Michelli team performs calibrations and services to published manufacturers specification with standards traceable to the SI Units through a National Metrological Institute such as NIST, to consensus standards, to ratio methods or to accepted fundamental physical constants. 

Michelli companies are licensed contractors in the following states: Louisiana (License# 31548), Arkansas (License# 0328620519), Mississippi (License# 20207-SC), Tennessee (License# 67444), Alabama (License# 51703) and California (License#  1032272).


Our services include:

Michelli companies include:

  • G.T. Michelli Co., Inc.
  • Aabbott-Michelli Technologies, Inc.
  • Michelli Measurement Group, Inc.
Michelli Weighing & Measurement Ownership Team

The Michelli Weighing & Measurement Executive Team

Our executive team leads by example. The dedicated team goes above & beyond each and every day. They work together with managers & team members across the country to solve problems, develop innovative solutions & inspire growth.

Pictured left to right:

President/CEO Joel McMullen, Executive General Manager Bobby Feigler, Corporate Secretary Bobby McDill, Vice President David Barnett, Executive Director Anthony Michelli, and Treasurer Ron Michelli.

weighing & measurement

Michelli Product Specialists

Our account managers are weighing & measurement product specialists. They help customers by taking the time to ask questions before making any recommendations.

Your account manager will work with you to better understand your specific application, environment & budget. Then, he will suggest equipment options that will fit your need.

Michelli product specialists make it their business to get to know yours. They want to truly understand your unique challenges, and find innovative ways to help. 

Michelli Service Team

Our service team consists of highly skilled and scale & calibration technicians. These hard-working employees can ensure your industrial scale or other measurement equipment is running at peak performance.

The Michelli service team offers scale installation, scale calibration, tool calibration, preventative maintenance, scale repair, and measurement equipment repair. We provide service on all makes & models. Even if your equipment was purchased elsewhere, Michelli can meet your scale service needs.

3 Companies. 1 Team. 1 Goal.

The Michelli Weighing & Measurement team is made up of 3 companies, located throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and California.

weighing & measurement

Locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Arkansas

weighing & measurement

Located in Houston, Texas

weighing & measurement

Located in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona & Nevada

We show the world what measurement can do.


Michelli is driven by a highly skilled team of dedicated individuals, all working toward the same goal.


We show the world what measurement can do by providing our customers with comprehensive service & high-quality equipment that offers each of them an easier, more efficient way to perform their job functions, through the use of weighing & measurement technology.


Our vision is to be the leading global provider of measurement solutions.



Always operate with the highest level of genuine integrity in every interaction.


Independently seek out opportunities for improvement in customer service, vendor relationships & internal tasks, then do what it takes to make it happen.


Pledge to be a contributing team member, committed to the ongoing success of our customers,  coworkers, company & industry.


Deliver an excellent customer experience, & the highest level of reliability & customer service from the very first interaction.


Lead by example & treat everyone with fairness & respect.


Recognize & accept accountability for all of your actions, finish every task to completion & take pride in performing every action to the best of your ability.

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ISO 9001 Registered Company | ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory
ISO 9001ISO 17025

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