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Scale Certification | How Michelli Can Help Ensure Your Scale Certs Remain Up-To-Date

Certified scales help ensure we get exactly what we pay for when it comes to goods sold by weight. Certified scales help ensure that the amount displayed on the scale’s weight indicator is the true amount of the product on the scale. If scale certification wasn’t mandatory, either the buyer or the consumer might be shorted. While it’s true, a faulty scale may result in the buyer paying for a larger quantity than they received, it could also mean the buyer charged less for goods than they were worth.

B-TEK Scales | Boost Your Scale’s Availability

Many use the terms “maximize uptime” and “minimize downtime” interchangeably. Although there’s a case to be made that many aspects of the two interconnect, there are specific actions you can take to ensure both sides of the conversation are addressed in the interest of optimizing your scale’s availability.

Read this post for tips on maximizing uptime by keeping your scale up & weighing. Plus, steps to take if your scale goes down to minimize downtime & get it back up as quickly as possible. 

Protect Your Weighing & Measurement Equipment from Winter Weather to Reduce Downtime

Prepare your scales for the Winter weather now to reduce downtime this season. Weighing & measurement equipment is susceptible to damage from rust or electronic issues caused by moisture. There’s also the challenge of keeping rodents from moving in and making snacks of wires. The Winter weather takes a toll on weighing & measurement equipment, but with proper preparation, you can minimize the damage & greatly reduce downtime.

Reduce Risk of Weighing & Measurement Equipment Damage

High quality weighing & measurement equipment can help you work more efficiently, but worksites can be dangerous. You take precautions to protect your team, so why not take action to protect your weighing & measurement equipment as well? In this post, our experts offer tips to help you reduce risk of damage to your equipment, to help you get the most out of your investment.

Crosby Straightpoint | Sarens Uses Crosby | SP Load Cell to Weigh Christmas Trees

During heavy lifting, it’s crucial to know the load. Crosby Straightpoint load cells give users the power to accurately monitor the weight of the load as it’s lifted. Pairing these load cells with a handheld Radiolink plus remote indicator allows users to maintain a safe distance, while maintaining the ability to read the weight. Learn why Sarens (a provider of crane rental services, heavy lifting & engineered transport) trusts Crosby Straightpoint load cells & Radiolink plus remote indicators to help during big jobs.

Grace Hopper

American scientist & United States Navy Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I calibrate my scale?

It depends. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Scale calibrations are affected by centrifugal force, gravity, frequency of use, the harshness of the environment, exposure to the elements, and many other factors.

If your scale is used frequently, and accuracy is vital to your business, you may need to calibrate as often as once a month. If your scale is used occasionally, and isn’t contained in a harsh environment, or left outside, it may be ok to calibrate less frequently.

Give us a call & let’s talk about your situation. Our experienced service technicians can give you a better answer once they understand your particular situation.

Should I have my new scale calibrated?

Yes, even new scales need to be calibrated. 

Regardless of your source, you should always have a qualified, licensed & experienced local team install & calibrate your scale, lab balance, or other piece of measurement equipment.

Measurements are affected by temperature, humidity, altitude, gravity, centrifugal force & motion, among other things. A scale in China would produce different measurements than it would if it were in California.

This is the reason we recommend against purchasing a scale online.

In many cases, customers purchase scales online to save money, but actually end up spending more money to purchase the scale, then have a local professional come out to install & calibrate the equipment. Also, when purchasing online, you lose out on the service & support available through a local organization.

Does muscle weigh more than fat?

1 lb of muscle weighs the same as 1 lb of fat. A better statement would be to say that muscle is more dense, or weighs more per cubic inch than fat, so 1 lb of muscle takes up much less space than 1 lb of fat.


In much the same way, 1 lb of feathers weighs the same as 1 lb of hammers, but imagine how many feathers you would have to shove into a bag in order for the bag to weigh 1 lb. Now imagine how many hammers you would have to place in the same size bag in order for the bag to weigh 1 lb. The bag of hammers would be much smaller, as hammers are more dense, or weigh more per cubic inch than feathers.

Can I rent a scale to help with inventory?

Yes. Counting scales are a great way to speed up the inventory process.


Call your nearest Michelli location to discuss our rental option.

What else can my scale do? Is it "smart"?

Our system development department can create a custom code that allows certain scales to communicate with one another, computers, conveyor belts, or even display information on a webpage to help you gather data from anywhere.

What manufacturers do you represent?

We represent a wide range of manufacturers, depending on your state. Please contact us to learn more, or visit our choose your state page to view manufacturers available near you.

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