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Precision Measurement Devices

Reliable equipment to ensure accuracy & repeatability
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Precision Measurement Devices

Precision measurement devices include instruments used in both laboratory & industrial settings to measure weight, torque, force, mass, pressure, dimension, temperature & electronic current.

Which type of precision instrument is best suited for your application greatly depends on what is being measured, the level of accuracy required, and the environment in which the device will be used.

Precision Measurement Equipment that Produces Reliable Results

The Michelli team can help you get the smallest margin of error possible. Whether you’re searching for a vernier caliper to measure component parts, a torque wrench, or a laboratory balance to measure medical supplies, our experienced team can help equip you for the job.

Weighing on a lab balance

Need ISO 17025? Michelli is ISO 9001 Registered & ISO 17025 Accredited. View our A2LA documentation to learn more.

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ISO 9001 Registered Company | ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory
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Our experts can help you find the equipment to fit your need and your budget.

Using a micrometer to measure outside diameter

We carry the following precision measurement equipment:

  • Force Gauges
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Torque & Bolting Tools
  • Dimensional Tools
  • Lab Balances
  • Electronic & Test Instruments
  • Calipers & Micrometers
  • Infrared Thermometers (Non Contact or IR Thermometers)

Speak with a product specialist for more information & recommendations on equipment based on your application.

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