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ISO 9001 Registered

Our quality management system has undergone rigorous auditing & is registered to the ISO 9001 standard

What is ISO 9001?

It is the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). This standard is  meant to guide companies in the development & operation of a QMS that ensures continual improvement & customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9001 standard contains 7 quality management principles. Companies wishing to become certified must undergo rigorous auditing to ensure that they meet each of those principles. These principles include a strong focus on continual improvement through  leadership, planning, support, operation & performance evaluation. The ISO 9001 principles are meant to help guide organizations so that customers consistently receive quality products & services.

Many organizations require their suppliers and service providers to be ISO 9001 registered. In order to obtain the certification, an organization needs to set up & operate a compliant Quality Management System for long enough to provide records that demonstrate its success. Therefore, if a company is ISO 9001 registered, you can rest assured that they value your business. The management team at a certified company has devoted time, energy & resources to ensuring customer satisfaction & continued improvement within their organization.

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Sales, Rental, Service and Calibration of Weighing Systems and Precision Measurement Devices



Sales, Rental, and Service of Weighing Systems, Measurement Equipment,
and System Integration Design



Distribution, Rental & Service of Industrial Scales, Weighing Systems, Laboratory Balances, Force Measurement Equipment & System Integration Design



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