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Inspection & Certification

State licensed technicians provide certifications to help your equipment get to work

ISO 9001 Registered | ISO 17025 Accredited

Need a scale inspection or certification?

Michelli Weighing & Measurement offers scale inspection & certification. Our highly skilled service team consists of experienced, state-licensed technicians who are ready to help. With service areas in 11 states, and a fleet of heavy duty test trucks, the Michelli team has got you covered.

Scale inspections are important to make sure there are no hidden issues going on with your equipment. We also offer calibration services, with scale reports containing the “as found” & “as left information”, or calibration certificates containing traceability information. Michelli is ISO 9001 registered (view certificates) & ISO 17025 accredited (view scope of accreditation), so we can provide the certifications you need. View our


State Requirements & “Legal for Trade”

The government requires scales used in retail to be inspected & certified “legal for trade”. This certification is to ensure that the vendor is fairly representing the amount of product during a sale, and that the customer doesn’t get shortchanged.

Michelli Weighing & Measurement locations across the Southern & Western United States are licensed to provide scale & measurement equipment inspections & certifications.

NIST Certified Test Weights

Michelli Weighing & Measurement uses NIST certified weights to inspect, calibrate & certify scales. NIST certified weights are traceable to the NIST international standard of measurement. This means that the test weight has been calibrated using the NIST certified standard & there is record to prove that the weight is accurate.


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How does NIST certification affect you?

Using test weights that are NIST certified means you can rest assured that your scales, lab balances or other pieces of measurement equipment are calibrated correctly, and reading accurately.

Ready to schedule your scale inspection?

Scale Inspection Services

Michelli Weighing & Measurement inspects & calibrates scales of all capacities. From high precision instruments such as lab balances, to industrial equipment such as rail scales, we can help.

Either send your equipment to us for inspection, or request a service call to have one of our highly skilled service technicians visit your site with a test truck. Michelli heavy duty testing equipment ranges from 25,000 lb. capacity test carts to 55,000 lb. capacity test trucks.  

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