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Agriculture weighing & measurement equipment to help you ensure accuracy across the board

cattle scales

Weighing & measurement equipment is highlighted in green in the photo above.

Agriculture Weighing & Measurement

Since 1947, Michelli has provided the agriculture industry with weighing & measurement equipment. Available equipment ranges from heavy capacity scales, such as cattle scales & truck scales, to precision instruments like laboratory balances to measure minute increments.

Our agricultural customers include those that grow, catch or raise their product. This group includes industries such as timber, seafood, vineyard, poultry, cattle, cotton, fruit, vegetable and many more.

Michelli is a distributor for the world’s top manufacturers of heavy capacity scales, medium capacity scales & high precision instruments. We provide scale rental & equipment rental as well.

Michelli sells top quality cattle scales, truck scales, weighing systems & measurement equipment used in agriculture.

cattle scales

Weighing & measurement equipment is highlighted in green in the photo above.

Need help tracking every pound?

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Quality Control is Priority in the Agriculture Industry

Ensure high quality product consistently with equipment you can trust to deliver reliable results. Utilize high quality, dependable agriculture scales & measurement equipment to minimize variation, maintain consistency & increase uniformity between deliveries.

Track Every Pound With Quality Agriculture Scales

Avoid unnecessary shipping costs by preventing over or underloading with quality scales you can depend on for accuracy. From heavy capacity scales to medium capacity scales like cattle scales & forklift scales, Michelli can provide the equipment you need to track every pound & minimize costs.

Concerned about efficiency? Weighing & measurement doesn’t need to slow down productivity. Equipment like hydraulic scales & on-board weighing systems are built to help increase efficiency by adding a weighing or measurement function onto an existing process.

cattle scales

The Unique Challenges of Agriculture Weighing & Measurement

From the California farmlands to the Gulf of Mexico, Michelli Weighing & Measurement specialists have taken the time to truly understand the wide range of operations within the agricultural industry.

Whether you need heavy duty cattle scales that can survive the elements, or highly precise scales that can weigh seed output, the Michelli team has the equipment & experience you need.

Our product specialists will help you find the right equipment for your task, and even recommend possible weighing systems for the future. Our scale technicians can help ensure your equipment continues to measure accurately for many years to come.

Preventative Maintenance & Scale Service Agreements for the Agriculture Industry

An affordable way to keep your agriculture weighing & measurement equipment running in peak condition

The Michelli service team can help keep your operations running smoothly, both in between seasons with preventative maintenance, and  during peak season with emergency call-out scale repair services. We offer service agreements, which provide Michelli customers with a great way to keep costs low while ensuring proper scale maintenance. Our service agreement customers are also eligible for 24/7 call-out service to keep you up & running no matter what.

Safety is a Priority to the Michelli Team

Our measurement equipment specialists & calibration technicians are state licensed, & have undergone rigorous equipment & safety training. The Michelli Weighing & Measurement team will always provide a safe working environment for both our team and our customers. The Michelli team can also recommend proper use & maintenance of installed scales & equipment, to help keep your team safe as well.


Michelli Weighing & Measurement locations are members of ISNetworld, PICS, PECS, DISA, and various local reciprocal safety councils.
How can accurate agriculture weighing & measurement equipment help with day-to-day operations?

Save Money

Reduce risk of underload & minimize shipping costs

Improve Tracking

Measure waste, yield & final product accurately

Meet Compliance

Reduce risk of overload to comply with USDOT standards

Improve Efficiency

Streamline operations with in-motion & on-board weighing

Maximize Productivity

Use weighing systems to speed up packaging

Ensure Quality Control

Standardize product output to ensure consistency


Available on all makes & models

Agriculture Scales & Products

Light, Medium & Heavy Capacity available

  • Truck Scales
  • Rail Scales
  • Livestock Scales
  • Hydraulic Scales
  • Weigh Bars

Weighing Systems

Added functionality & productivity

  • On-Board Weighing
  • Truck Scale Systems
  • Belt Scale Systems
  • Automation
cattle scales

Michelli Offers Custom Programming for the Agriculture Industry

Turn your scale into a multi-tasker and increase productivity.

Some examples of programs we have created for the agriculture industry include:
  • On-board weighing systems to produce weighments during loading
  • Belt scale systems to help maintain quality control & consistency
  • Automatic seed output tracking to provide yield information without interrupting operations

Let’s discuss your application & ways weighing & measurement could help to simplify your process.

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Get the agriculture weighing & measurement equipment that fits your need, as well as your budget.

Agriculture Weighing Systems

Over the years, the Michelli team has invested heavily in agriculture weighing systems that improve the industry.

Michelli Weighing & Measurement was a premier leader in the development and use of barcoding technology in both the poultry & seafood industries as well. This technology allowed for better productivity tracking, product labeling & quality control.

We were also influential in the evolution of agriculture weighing & measurement practices of the timber industries. We played a role in moving the industry away from “stick scaling” , which involved using a yard stick to measure wood. By incorporating scales & custom programming that allowing those scales to interface with other equipment, the timber industry has enabled full load tracking, decreasing the risk of fraud & theft.

cattle scales

Let's work together.

Call your closest Michelli office to discuss options for your application.

We develop innovative ways to help day-to-day agriculture weighing & measurement operations run more smoothly

Through the use of custom software, Michelli Weighing & Measurement has played an instrumental role in several industries. From decreasing safety risks to increasing tracking capabilities, and even data analysis, the Michelli team has been fortunate enough to work closely with several agricultural industries to develop new ways to operate that reduce waste.

Michelli has developed agriculture weighing systems to expedite the process of bulk packaging in the seafood industry.  These systems have decreased time required to unload, as well as associated safety risks.

Michelli has worked with scale manufacturers to develop solutions specifically designed to reduce the potential of offal underload & overload in the poultry industry. The result has been a large increase in productivity, and a decrease in wasted time.

We are currently performing innovative work in both the textile & poultry industries that will increase productivity & quality control. These automated processes allow a scale to supply the input that initiates an automation process, which frees up human hands for more skilled labor.


If you’re looking for a better way to facilitate day-to-day agriculture weighing & measurement operations, our product specialists can help you find a solution.

cattle scales

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