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New Albany Calibration Service Area

The Michelli Weighing & Measurement team offers New Albany calibration. Michelli provides standard calibration & ISO 1025 accredited calibration services across Union County & the neighboring Mississippi counties.

With our fleet of heavy duty test trucks, the Michelli Weighing & Measurement service team provides on-site New Albany heavy capacity scale calibration, medium capacity scale calibration & light capacity scale calibration. We provide lab balance calibration & of a wide range of precision measurement device calibration services off-site as well, including tools used in pressure measurement, force measurement, dimensional measurement, temperature measurement, time & frequency measurement, electric measurement and more.  Learn more about our services on our calibration page. 

Since 1947, the Michelli team has been the partner you can trust with your weighing & measurement equipment. From scale service, to sales & rentals, our service team & product specialists are here to help in 11 states located throughout the Southern & Western U.S.

Contact our New Albany calibration team today to speak to a Michelli Weighing & Measurement expert.


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