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The following post was provided by B-TEK Scales, our featured manufacturer this month. From load cells to truck scales, B-TEK has you covered. B-TEK’s multi-generational, highly trained staff of sales professionals, distributors and manufacturing professionals are here to assist you with all your weighing needs.

6 Major Benefits of Unattended Scales

As all industries make the inevitable move to automation to maximize efficiencies, the truck scale weighing industry is no different. Scale houses with single-location, dedicated staff are becoming a thing of the past. Many truck weighing applications can be most efficiently handled through the use of advanced technology and automation with minimal human interaction.


Bright Yellow Safety vest with the word safety to indicate the increased safety precautions provided by unattended scales

Unattended Scales Increase Safety

A remote kiosk at the unattended scale helps increase safety by allowing the driver to remain in their truck throughout the transaction. We all know that a wet scale can be slippery during rain and snow. Most truck scales are generally several feet from the ground as well, so the chance of injury due to falling off the scale is also eliminated.


Checkmark inside circle to indicate the increased availability that unattended scales offer

Scale Availability is Increased 

Unattended scale liosks enable weighing during off- hours and weekends, drastically increasing availability at each location and generally quadruples the availability of the scale.

Clock icon with the word throughput to indicate the increased rate of throughput or processing achievable with unattended scales

Increase Throughput With Unattended Scales

Drivers are empowered with an easy touchscreen display to guide them through the weighing process via full-color text and graphics, decreasing the of time of each truck on the scale, therefore enabling more trucks to move through the unattended scales at busy times.


A badge icon with the word staffing efficiency to indicate that unattended scales require less manpower to operate

Maximize Staffing Efficiency

Maximize staffing by managing multiple locations with a single employee or tasking administrative recourses with managing scale support via remote audio and/or video surveillance.


3 stacked rectangles representing servers to indicate data capture capability available with B-TEK unattended scales

Data Capture

Eliminate manual data entry by automatically capturing weighment details for each transaction and interfacing with your inventory and invoicing systems.


Germs surrounded by a circle with a line through it to indicate that unattended scales minimize physical interaction

Minimize Physical Interaction

Eliminate human error and reduce the risk of spreading germs from one person to the next with an unattended scale. By integrating a mobile application to the weighing process, you can fully eliminate the need for physically touching any devices outside of the truck.


CTEP Certification from California Weights & Measures

As a bonus to our patrons on the west coast, the state of California has recently approved B-TEK and Michelli Weighing & Measurement as the only scale providers in the state with their CTEP certification that allows for unattended scales to be used in aggregate and agricultural applications.

The illustration below shows an unattended scale with 2 kiosks, cameras, photo eyes and a remote display. In this drawing, inbound trucks would enter the scale from the left hand side of the illustration. The cameras & photo eyes would send directions to the indicator located at the top right hand side of the illustration to help the driver ensure the truck is properly positioned on the scale to capture an accurate weighment. That weighment would then be displayed on the remote display, the data would be captured by the system, and the driver would receive a ticket at the kiosk.

In the illustration below, outbound trucks would enter the scale from the right side of the drawing. Drivers would interact with the kiosk positioned on the bottom left of the drawing. The photo eyes & cameras would transmit data and any necessary adjustment instructions to the kiosk to help the driver position the truck on the scale. Once properly positioned, the scale would capture the weighment information, and print a ticket at the kiosk for the driver.

Both inbound and outbound weights would be captured by the unattended scale. The driver would receive printed tickets for his records, and the company would have captured the data electronically via the kiosk. The kiosk also contains an RFID reader, and the 12.1 inch full-color touchscreen enables directions and options for drivers to be communicated clearly. B-TEK scales provides the only commercially available CTEP approved scale, and Michelli Weighing & Measurement is your authorized B-TEK distributor. Contact your local Michelli experts today to learn more about how an unattended scale system might help you.


CTEP Certified B-TEK Unattended Scale Illustration with 2 unattended scale kiosks, cameras, photo eyes and a remote display

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