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The following post focuses on solutions from BLH Nobel, our featured manufacturer this month. A recognized leader in the field of industrial weighing and force measurement solutions, BLH Nobel supplies both standardized and custom products, as well as solutions engineered to help customers to optimize their processes. For decades, BLH Nobel has served a wide range of industries.

BLH Nobel | Increase productivity with Onboard Weighing

Increase productivity with onboard weighing solutions from BLH Nobel. Onboard weighing refers to the capability to weigh a load in real time, as a truck, hauler, or other transportation device is being filled. Onboard weighing allows drivers to monitor the load, without first transporting it to a scale.

BLH Nobel Offers Onboard Weighing Solutions for Construction, Mining & Highway Vehicles

BLH Nobel are experts in standard and custom process weighing and force measurement solutions, including high-quality and high-accuracy weighing and control systems. BLH also offers high-precision force sensors and load cells for construction, mining, and off-highway vehicle onboard weighing systems.

On-board weighing systems are used for payload optimization at every cycle, providing the following benefits:

    • Maximize production output
    • Boosts fuel efficiency
    • Reduces machine wear in all site conditions and operations by avoiding overloading

BLH Nobel has a deep knowledge of on-board weighing systems for heavy off-highway vehicles, which is based on their experience and expertise of the weighing industry. BLH delivers load cells and amplifiers that meet the harsh conditions faced by construction equipment and meet automotive standards. Learn more on their website here:

Onboard Weighing Prevents Overloading & Underloading

Rugged BLH Nobel static load cells and force sensors offer highly accurate and precise real-time transported load monitoring and measurement capabilities. When integrated into associated vehicle onboard weighing systems, collected load cell data can help operators to prevent unwanted overload and underload conditions.

    • Overloading – A common source of excessive vehicle wear and tear, can lead to costly repairs and unwanted downtime.
    • Underloading – Can create performance and fuel usage inefficiencies, while increasing a vehicle’s emissions and overall carbon footprint.


BLH Nobel Onboard Weighing Solutions

To address these challenges, BLH Nobel offers load cells in a variety of sizes, and standard ranges from 1 kN to 20 MN. Their low-profile designs allow for seamless integration into in-vehicle cabin onboard weighing systems, as well as associated communications and specialty software. Most load cells are available with ATEX, FM and CSA approvals for mining and explosive atmospheres. Select models may be further available with functional safety certifications.

About BLH Nobel

For more than 40 years, the BLH Nobel brand of VPG has specialized in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality and high-accuracy process weighing and force measurement technologies and related control systems. BLH Nobel load cells maximize accuracy and minimize the effects of mixing, agitation, and temperature changes within critical process stages.

BLH Nobel products and customized solutions are designed to comply with stringent requirements in the food and beverage, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical equipment, process, mining, steel, and offshore industries. All BLH Nobel force sensors and load cells are produced at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Degerfors, Sweden. Each product undergoes extensive testing prior to shipment, ensuring its full conformance to quality and performance specifications, as well as any relevant industry legislative and safety standards.

BLH Nobel further offers a variety of communication protocols for seamless integration within complex production lines. It supplies its system solutions, products, and services in more than 100 countries worldwide. Each BLH Nobel custom solution is derived from more than 40 years of engineering expertise, gained from across thousands of successful applications. For more information about BLH Nobel and its available product offerings, visit



Interested in increasing productivity with onboard weighing?

Michelli Weighing & Measurement is your authorized BLH Nobel distributor. We can help you incorporate onboard weighing solutions from BLH Nobel into your operations, to increase productivity & reduce underload & overload risk. Contact us today to learn more about onboard weighing solutions.