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The revolutionary water meter testing system

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FlowTest is a software program that streamlines meter testing procedures


With easy installation, simple user interfaces & pre-filled menus that include test parameters from the American Water Works Association (AWWA) test procedures document, the FlowTest system is the user-friendly, efficient way to test meters.

FlowTest software was developed with compatibility in mind. The system can be installed on any computer operating Windows 2000 or greater. While FlowTest is designed using innovative indicators from Avery Weigh-Tronix, it is also operable with any scale indicator that speaks SMA protocol (the weighing industry standard).

FlowTest utilizes trusted name brands for control interfaces to allow for easy replacement and/or troubleshooting. It also includes a safeguard to prevent tank overfill.

FlowTest Indicator Displays
FlowTest screen shots with Call Outs

Automatically organize data & print remotely with HTML reporting

FlowTest produces HTML reports & indexes, which are easily accessible online with the addition of a simple web server.

This feature eliminates the need to print in the meter shop & automatically organizes reports by meter model, serial # and test date.

Simplified Design

Eliminates the common point of failure associated with the typical single smart scale design


Easy Maintenance

Simplicity of equipment enables faster repairs & reduced downtime


Simple Installation

Software consolidated into one program, which is compatible with all recent versions of Windows

Wireless Operation

Efficiently control tests, enter meter information & see readings remotely from the test bench with a tablet or smart phone


User-Friendly Troubleshooting

Simple user interfaces ensure controls are easily accessible


Data Stored Locally

Easily back up data over a network or via thumb drives

Convenient Data Organization

Reports are indexed by meter model, serial number & test date


No Annual Subscription

One purchase with no recurring fees or usage charges


Ongoing Support

Your local Michelli Weighing & Measurement team provides comprehensive service, inspection, calibration & support

Free Compatibility Assessment

Want to learn if FlowTest is compatible with your current test bench?

We are offering free compatibility assessments in person, or by phone if necessary.

Get in touch with us today to learn more 

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