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The following post was provided by Mountz, the torque tool specialists & our featured manufacturer this month. Engineered in the Silicon Valley since 1965 and leading around the globe, Mountz is committed to delivering the quality torque products and services our customers can rely upon so you can proceed with confidence.

The Basics of Torque Validation

Why is torque validation needed for torque tools?

There are many items to consider, therefore there are no quick answers to this question. These include: frequency of tool usage, general tool care, environment conditions, and the torque setting of the torque tool. The type of manufacturing process must be considered as well. An automotive assembly company may undergo thorough daily testing, whereas a machine shop may test less frequently.

The Advantages of Torque Validation

Repeatability, safety and accuracy are the key benefits of checking your torque tool calibration (also known as torque validation). The advantage of owning a torque analyzer though, is that you are able to swiftly and easily validate your torque output whenever needed. Daily or weekly, instantly validate a torque tool to determine whether it is still in, or out of, calibration with the new Mountz EZ-TorQ III torque analyzer.

When a torque tool drifts out of calibration over time, or from overuse, the risks increase. For example, if torque output is low, a bolt could become loose. Conversely, over-torquing could lead to untimely breakage. Obviously, this could lead to a host of catastrophic product failures in the manufacturing area, and/or during customer use. Routine torque validation and calibration provides an additional preventative measure in improving manufacturing proficiency and safety.

​How easy is it to validate a torque tool?

Measuring torque is a key factor for any quality control process. Learn the key benefits of conducting a routine torque validation process with your manufacturing toque tools.


Download and read the Mountz white paper: Torque Verification Process of Power Tools

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