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Andrew from Michelli Weighing & Measurement stands next to a portable torque calibration box that enables the Michelli team to perform on-site torque calibration

On-Site Torque Calibration Now Available

Michelli Weighing & Measurement can now provide on-site torque calibration services. On-site accredited torque calibration services are available out of the Harahan, Baton Rouge or Bossier City offices. On-site standard torque calibration services are available through any Michelli Weighing & Measurement location in the U.S.A.

We are currently working on adding accredited torque calibration service capabilities to every Michelli Weighing & Measurement location’s scope of accreditation by the end of 2023. This addition will enable the Michelli team to provide accredited torque calibration service on equipment ranging from 6 lbf-in up to 800 lbf-ft both on-site and in our metrology calibration labs.

Currently, our Harahan, LA calibration lab, Bossier City, LA calibration lab, and Baton Rouge, LA calibration labs provide accredited torque calibration service. Below are the ranges available:

  • Harahan from 5 lbf-in to 2500 lbf-ft
  • Bossier City from 2 inf-oz to 2500 lbf-ft
  • Baton Rouge from 5 lbf-in to 25000 lbf-ft

For more information, please contact us or request a quote online.

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