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Packaging Systems with Weighing Features

Packaging systems are something grocery shoppers may not think of often. However, they are absolutely imperative to ensuring that the integrity of our food is maintained throughout its journey into our kitchens. It’s important for food processors to ensure that the packaging will withstand transport, while giving shoppers the information they need. That’s where DIGI America can help. DIGI America offers a wide range of solutions for food-packaging operations.

The DIGI product line includes solutions used for labeling, food safety, sales & marketing, that also help users reduce costs, consider the environment & streamline production to increase efficiency. These products include high-speed labeling solutions, contaminant detection solutions, data management systems & packaging systems. Their high-speed packaging system is perhaps their most impressive product because it can provide users with an immediate way to free up human hands to be used in more skilled labor activities. By adding the W-5600SRX packaging systems to their production operation, users can quickly & effortlessly increase productivity.

W-5600SRX packaging system

The W-5600SRX is an ingenious solution to meet the growing demand for high-mix low-volume production output required in today’s food retail. It is the perfect workhorse not only for meat & poultry factories and central processing facilities, but also for agribusiness entities like fresh fruits and vegetable packers, mushroom producers, etc. It provides high speed, in-line, automatic wrapping at a rate of 60 packages per minute.

The powerful SRX firmly and securely wraps packages, both when wrapping flat packages like meat, and more oddly-shaped products like tomatoes. It also provides consistent infeed tray alignment for a fast & uniform wrapping finish. Lastly, the SRX automatically selects the best size from two film systems during use, to minimize film waste.

DIGI W-5600SRX In Action

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make the W-5600SRX unique:

Higher Productivity

The enhanced wrapping capability and minimized machine downtime can double your production to a max. of 60 packs per minute. It can handle trays with various sizes, shapes, and materials.

Stable Tray Delivery

The Alignment Guide’s automatic width adjustment feature ensures consistent infeed tray alignment for fast and uniform wrapping finish. This feature can eliminate the need for operator to stop the machine and manually adjust the guide width.

Time & Cost-efficient Packaging Operation

The SRX’s two-film system auto-selects the right film for the tray in use, to reduce film usage.

This feature helps reduce plastic consumption and impact to the environment.

Firm & Secure Wrapping

The long heated conveyor works in tandem with the tray presser to guarantee a tight, secure and beautiful wrapping finish ready for long transport. This also contributes to food loss reduction.

Easy Maintenance

Wide openings in the machine casing were designed to allow quick and easy access of the machine’s interior for smooth error recovery and maintenance.

DIGI W-5600SRX High-speed in-line automatic wrapping system

The W-5600SRX packaging system provides form & function by offering users an efficient way to wrap a wide range of food products neatly. The machine encases products firmly enough to sustain transport, but gently enough to prevent damage. Adding this system to any packaging operation is sure to increase productivity.


Click here to learn more about DIGI America and the W-5600SRX on their website. (View specifications, read frequently asked questions & look at a case study on how this packaging system enabled a family business to achieve a 150% increase in productivity. Follow DIGI America on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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