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The following post was written by Rice Lake Weighing Systems, our featured manufacturer this month. Rice Lake’s extensive line of weighing solutions, process control equipment and measurement systems can be found almost anywhere. Whatever the need, and wherever the installation—Rice Lake products can provide the solution.

Remotely Access and Monitor Your Rice Lake Scale Systems with Web Servers

The ability to remotely access your scale system is becoming increasingly popular, as operators need to access scale functions without physically accessing the weight indicator now more than ever. The process to connect a local indicator to a secondary (remote) indicator to monitor the scale from a second location was once complex and included adding a second weight indicator, essentially creating a scale with two digital weight indicators. Today, however, built-in web servers in Rice Lake’s digital weight indicators have made it easier than ever to remotely access and monitor weighing operations.

Rice Lake remote truck scale operation

Benefits of Remotely Accessing Scale Systems

The main benefits of remote scale access include viewing weigh data from a distance and performing some functions without physical access to the local indicator.

Operators can monitor process status and managers can review operations from their offices or other locations. This is especially useful when there are weighing functions happening in multiple locations that need to be supervised by the same operator or manager. With scale web servers, the operator can control functions at multiple weighing workstations and managers have oversight of total weighing activities throughout the facility.

Additionally, your local scale technicians are able to perform remote calibrations and can troubleshoot scales, simplifying routine scale maintenance and emergency repair processes.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ Web Server Capabilities

Rice Lake’s indicators with built-in web servers can optimize efficiency and increase accessibility in a variety of processes and nearly all industries.

1280 Enterprise™ Series

The 1280 weight indicator’s built-in web server allows operators remote access, system integration and data monitoring. The 1280 is a dynamic instrument for the growth of any enterprise, and is designed to grow with your weighing requirements with expanded onboard communications, built-in functions, and highly customizable graphical user interface with color touchscreen.

Rice Lake’s expertise in scale instrumentation and custom applications allows them the unique capability as a manufacturer to work with the experienced staff at Michelli Weighing & Measurement to create the best solution for your weighing needs. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of Rice Lake weight indicators.

Interested in remotely accessing your scale system?

Michelli Weighing & Measurement is your authorized Rice Lake weighing systems distributor. Let our team of product specialists help match you with the best system for your application. Contact your nearest location today.