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When to Repair Equipment vs. When to Replace

It’s tough to know whether it makes more sense to repair weighing & measurement equipment or replace it. The first factor most people consider when deciding between equipment replacement or equipment repair is price, but there’s much more to it than just the costs associated.

Cost Associated with Equipment Repair

Equipment replacement makes sense when the cost to repair exceeds the cost of replacement. In many cases, it may be time to upgrade when the cost to repair existing equipment exceeds 50%-75% of the cost to purchase new. If your scale or measurement equipment has fallen into disrepair, or has begun to deteriorate, more major repairs may be looming in the near future. Over time, the cost of repairs could greatly exceed the cost associated with purchasing new equipment.

In this photo, the bottom of the truck scale has been damaged by rust. This was caused by failure to remove build up underneath the scale. Over time, the moisture in the mud that was built up under the truck scale slowly caused the bottom of the scale to rust out completely. This level of damage is impossible to repair, as the cost of repairs would greatly exceed the cost of replacement.

Severe Scale Damage

Obsolete Equipment Issues

As technology advances, older equipment becomes obsolete. The technology cycle is typically longer in the world of weighing & measurement equipment, but it will happen eventually. For example, all scales used to be mechanical, and would use a dial to indicate weight. Many scales are now digital, and display weight on a screen that is lit by LED lights. Some older equipment may not be compatible with modern upgrades. For instance, if a truck scale is obsolete, but still functioning, and the indicator stops working, the obsolete scale may not be able to communicate with a newer replacement indicator.

The capability of modern weighing & measurement equipment is incredible. Today, some scales & other types of measurement equipment use bluetooth technology, connect to the Internet & even transmit data. At Michelli, we can develop custom software to enable your scales to create reports, initiate automated processes, and more. These capabilities introduce new possibilities in terms of efficiency & quality control, which could help save money & make your job easier. However, custom programming isn’t possible with obsolete equipment.

Another factor to consider is the availability of replacement parts. As scales & other measurement equipment become obsolete, replacement parts become harder to find, and more expensive to purchase. Without backup parts on-hand, even a minor problem could shut down your operations.

Physical Condition of Equipment Deteriorating

If the physical condition of weighing & measurement equipment deteriorates, it becomes less accurate. That could be a costly situation. Imagine that your product sold for $1 per lb. If your scale is showing inaccurate weighments, it may display 5 lbs of material, when really there are 7 lbs on the scale. You can only charge your customer for the amount being displayed, so the customer would pay $5 for $7 worth of material. The reverse could be true as well, and you could unintentionally give customers less material than they purchased, which is punishable by law, even if the mistake was unintentional. (Click here to use our inaccuracy cost calculator to see how much an inaccurate scale could cost you.) Along with the legal ramifications that could be involved with conducting business across a deteriorating scale, there could also be other issues. 

Safety Issues Associated with Aging Equipment

A deteriorating scale could also present a safety hazard. For example, a tank scale system that has been exposed to salt water & the elements will rust over time. If the rusting equipment is not replaced, a hole could form over time, which could lead to the entire tank toppling over. An unstable tank would put anyone underneath in danger, not to mention the risk associated if contents of the tank were to spill.


The Michelli team can help you weigh the options

The decision is yours to make, but we can help you review the costs of weighing & measurement equipment repair vs. replacement. The Michelli service team can discuss the necessary repairs with you, and address any concerns about required maintenance & the possibility of future repairs, availability of replacement parts, and more. 

The Michelli product specialists can help you compare replacement options and review technological capabilities available with the new equipment that could help you increase efficiency. 

Whichever route you decide to take, the experts at Michelli Weighing & Measurement are here to help.

Let us help you find the best solution

Give us a call today to start exploring your options for equipment repair & replacement.