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The following post is a summarized excerpt from the Starrett Whitepaper “Integrating QC Measurement Data Into Manufacturing Systems”. The L.S. Starrett Company, founded in 1880, manufactures more than 5,000 variations of Precision Tools, Gages, Measuring Instruments and Saw Blades for industrial, professional and consumer markets worldwide. Starrett, a leader who has set the standard for fine precision tools in the industry for over 140 years, has rightfully earned the title, “World’s Greatest Toolmakers”.

DataSure® 4.0 from Starrett improves, modernizes and streamlines the collection of quality control measurement data


Starrett DataSure 4.0 Tools & Data Collection System

Starrett DataSure 4.0 Tools & Data Collection System

The underlying principle of DataSure 4.0 is to enable manufacturers to accurately and consistently acquire large amounts of measurement data for meeting Industry 4.0 requirements. DataSure 4.0 is the most complete, scalable, secure and robust measurement data acquisition solution for Industry 4.0. That means offering foundational benefits through automation, ease of operation, streamlined scalability, robust data encryption and protection, and unrestricted distances and unencumbered use for transmission. The result is increased productivity, reduced errors, provision of full documentation and a reliable data acquisition process driven by automation.

Data collection systems of the past share common limitations, including:

Potential for Human Error & Delay

Manually tracking key measurements requires extremely precise attention to detail, exercised many dozens or even hundreds of times in a single shift. Additionally, an employee may need to halt production work to capture and record measurements, reducing overall productivity. Education is another issue — employees may not
have the background needed to fully understand and accurately collect and transcribe data.

 Digital Security Issues

Unsecured networks that are used to transmit measurement data can provide inroads for hackers to gain more general access to a company’s data.

 Lack of Scalability

Setting up separate data collection processes may lead to confusion, inaccuracies and delayed communication. Or even worse, product rejections, failures and legal implications with customers may result.

Let’s take a closer look at the transformative advantages offered by DataSure 4.0


Increase productivity & minimize human error

With DataSure 4.0, the press of a button can transmit measurement data, improving process efficiency and the accuracy of measurements captured.

Features such as automatic time stamping provide critical context about each data point, required for traceability and compliance to quality control/ production specifications.


Process high data volumes quickly

DataSure 4.0 features higher bit rates and a very high-speed connection of less than 50ms of data travel time, as well as an ultra-low latency network.

Ease of Operation

Simplify the data collection process

Starrett made ease of use a high priority so that operators can quickly feel confident and the data collection process is optimized in a short period of time.

For example, ease of operation extends to the DataSure 4.0 mobile app, which eliminates the need to bring larger hardware, such as a laptop, into the field.


Modify the structure to fit your needs

The modular structure of DataSure® 4.0 makes it simple to expand or contract a quality control measurement data collection process without having to acquire a new data collection system.

DataSure® 4.0 is operable on both Android or IOS mobile platforms and Windows® based computers including laptops, desktop PCs, thin client PCs, and servers. DataSure 4.0 repeater and bridge components can also connect directly to PLCs and other high-speed serial automation equipment for real-time data collection or remote machine operation.


Utilize the system designed with growth in mind

The Starrett DataSure® 4.0 Wireless Data Collection System dependably and accurately acquires precision measurement data, even over expanded distances. It is designed to accommodate increased application requirements as measurement data collection requirements evolve and grow.


Learn more, including information about data protection & other technical details in the Starrett Whitepaper

Download Starrett | Integrating QC Measurement Data Into Manufacturing Systems

Interested in DataSure® 4.0 from Starrett?

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